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Smart commuting & business traveling

A Little History
Behind Our

Founder & Consultant

3pm has been helping employers achieve sustainable commuting and business trips since 2013. We develop tailor-made mobility policies for every organization. From a vision on mobility to travel schemes, fees and facilities. We also calculate the costs and benefits and help implement solutions and stimulate behavioral change.

Since 2020, we have also been focusing our services on governments. We translate the knowledge and experience we have gained in the field of cycling into municipal cycling policies, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Meet the Team

Partner & Consultant
Partner & Consultant
Partner & Consultant

What about
the Name?

We at 3pm believe in the possibilities of sustainable travel, hence the three P’s of ‘people’, ‘planet’ and ‘profit’. The M, of course stands for “mobility”.

Alliance Partners

Mobility policy sometimes touches on business aspects that we ourselves know less about. That’s why 3pm collaborates with experts in the fields of behavior, HR and taxation.

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We work together with Thijs van Duijn of Emotion because he knows everything about marketing communication, for example to influence travel behavior.

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We have our basic tax knowledge in order, but if it gets too specialized, we call Kas van der Meulen of the TTT Group. He is a payroll tax specialist.

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HR-tante provides solutions for issues related to recruitment, onboarding, career, talent management, learning & development and outplacement.

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TOP-Advisory works in the fields of actuarial, risk management and data analysis. They help us calculate the financial and fiscal effects of new mobility policies.

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