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Implementation of the mobility policy

Your policy is ready on paper. You know what your schemes and fees will look like. And your management supports your new policy. Everything is ready for implementation. We support you with implementing the new policy in various ways.

Writing HR schemes

The travel allowance, the lease scheme, the working from home scheme, the bicycle scheme, they are all conceived at the HR department. This department largely determines the mobility policy of your organisation. Our HR expert will elaborate the policy for you into written HR schemes that are applicable in your organisation.

Procurement of mobility services

Implementing a mobility policy also means purchasing mobility services, for example a mobility card. The choice for a mobility card is a serious one. You will be tied to a card supplier for several years. And the card is the most important “means of transport” for employees who want to travel by public transport and other related services. We know the market of providers of mobility cards and help you choose a card. We use a program of requirements that we make suitable for your organisation (what’s a requirement for you, what’s a wish and what a “nice to have”?). We approach a number of selected suppliers to make an offer. You can then make a choice based on our assessment framework.

Organising mobility services

Shared bicycles, shared cars or shuttle buses. There are all kinds of mobility services that can be part of your new mobility policy. As with mobility cards, we know the market and help you make a choice of a provider and organise the service.