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Mobility Advice

Answers to all your questions about mobility.

Mobility is not your core business. But as an HR professional, Facility Manager or board member, you do have to deal with it. A mobility scan is not enough for you because you get practical questions. For example about parking spaces, train tickets, charging stations and bicycle racks. And you want to know something about mobility yourself. Then use our mobility advice. 

Questions we can answer

Mobility advice


Tobias van den Briel

Partner & consultant

Our Approach

The basis for our advice is usually the mobility scan: because we want to have the facts in order before we can give advice. We distinguish the following steps:

  1. Factsheets
  2. Benchmark
  3. Additional research
  4. Advice and reporting

Mobility benchmark

Sometimes you just want to know what other companies are doing. Are you still a competitive employer? Are you ahead or behind? Do other employers in your industry have a lease scheme or are they switching to pool cars? Do employees receive a travel allowance? And if so, how high is it? Are there already employers who charge their employees to park?

We can help you with our benchmark mobility. This is a database of anonymized data from hundreds of companies that 3pm has analyzed and advised over the years.

We can compare travel distances and choice of transport mode. We can also compare plans and fees. Or costs and facilities in the field of mobility. Sometimes it is also possible to make a comparison with employers in a specific geographical area. We can always make a breakdown for a specific sector, for example business services or industry.

Some figures and numbers form our mobility benchmark (in Dutch).

Experiences of others

3pm showed us what our options are for the three P’s (people, planet and profit) to be reflected in our mobility policy. The two most interesting options I found were electric driving and the use of smart boxes in company cars. We have adopted both advices: we have installed the boxes, purchased charging stations and I recently started driving an electric car.