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Mobility Policy

Your mobility policy provides clarity: for your current and future employees, for your customers, suppliers and other parties that you deal with. 

How do you want your employees to travel? Do you want to influence this or do you not care? Do you reimburse travel costs or do they have to pay for everything themselves? And what about parking?

The answers to these and other questions determine your mobility policy. And with that mobility policy you provide clarity: for your current and future employees, but also for your customers, suppliers and other parties that you deal with. We help you develop or update your mobility policy.

Our Approach

For years, we have been helping employers to renew, adapt or completely overhaul their mobility policy. We have learned a lot from this. We know how to get support for your new policy. We know which steps to take, even though they may seem superfluous at first. These are the characteristics of our approach:

Mobility Policy


Tobias van den Briel

Partner & consultant

Based on facts

We start by collecting and analyzing information about mobility in your organization. A survey among employees can be part of this. The data collected is the starting point for the discussions, based on facts.

Suitable for your company

We ensure that the policy matches the specific characteristics of your company. If vitality and health are important, this includes, for example, a good bicycle scheme. We therefore want to know what your intrinsic motivation is. Why do you want a new mobility policy? What is your mission? And what is your corporate image?


We look at mobility as a whole. By this we mean that we include all aspects of mobility that are relevant to your company. Whether it concerns the bicycle shed or the lease car, the mobility cards or flexibel or hybrid working.

Support within your organisation

It will not be our mobility policy, but that of your organization. We provide support by involving employees, the Works Council, departments and other stakeholders if necessary.

You can get started right away

We make a roadmap that you can get started with: a new policy with solutions and measures that you can implement step by step. We calculate the impact on the organization for each measure (including costs and time expenditure).

Developing your new mobility policy together by involving employees, Works Council and other stakeholders.

Experiences of others

Amarant provides care to people with a mental disability, autism or brain injury. Amarant does this with over 5,000 employees at some 300 locations throughout Brabant in The Netherlands. Mobility partly determines the organisation’s carbon footprint. As a signatory to the Green Deal Care, Amarant wants to make its mobility more sustainable.

We asked 3pm to help us develop a new mobility policy; a mobility policy that is not only sustainable, but also makes us an attractive employer and contributes positively to vitality and efficiency. What I really liked about 3pm was the integral approach: they study the hard figures, they show, by means of a survey, what is going on among the employees, and they challenge administrators, Works Council and board members to share their vision and ambitions. A small point of attention was that Paul and Roel sometimes pushed their ambitions a bit too far. Fortunately, they also listen carefully to their clients, haha, so I was able to adjust that. In terms of content, 3pm is a good sparring partner with whom we have enjoyed working. The consultants are flexible, proactive, friendly, correct and they keep their agreements.