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The mobility scan is the foundation

Our mobility scan shows how your organization is doing mobility wise. 

Our mobility scan shows how your organization is doing mobility wise. We use the mobility scan to find your mobility strengths and weaknesses.

The mobility scan forms the objective basis for all your internal discussions about traveling to work, parking and your car policy. And it shows what possible next steps you can take.

Our Approach

We start with an analysis of the travel behavior of your employees, your mobility costs, facilities and allowances. For example, we show you where your employees come from and how many live within cycling distance.

Mobility scan

Paul Hoffschult

Paul Hoffschult

Partner & consultant

More than numbers

But we look beyond the numbers. We will also visit your facilities. This way we get a better picture of your questions and we test your accessibility first-hand. During that visit, we check your parking space, bicycle parking and other mobility facilities.

Type of travelers

With 18 special questions in our survey, we characterize the travel behavior of employees. Are they Devoted Drivers, Image Improvers or Practical Travellers? The following figure shows all possible types. The characterization determines the chance of success of actions aimed at behavioral change.

Results of an employer survey into types of travellers. The ‘image traveller’ and the ‘practical traveller’ prevail.

Experiences of others

The mobility scan really made everything transparent: cycling potential, public transport variants, smarter lease arrangements. The scan also showed us the opportunities of Flexible Working. The analysis has accelerated several things here.

Mr. Frans Epping, Facility Coordinator, Koninklijke Horeca Nederland


The mobility scan showed that the Edelweiss Group has the shortest average travel distance per employee of all companies in the region. However, few colleagues came to work by bicycle. We have changed this with a bicycle plan and a new bicycle shed.

Mr. Wilfred Poleij, Human Resources Advisor at the Edelweiss Group
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