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Our mobility scan shows how your organisation is doing in terms of mobility. In this way, we find your strong and weak points. The scan forms the objective basis for all internal discussions about travel, parking and lease policy. And it shows you what your next steps are.

Mobility is not your core business. But as an HR professional, facility manager or board member, you do have to deal with it. A mobility scan does not go far enough for you, because you are asked practical questions. For example, about parking space, train tickets, charging stations and bicycle racks. And you want to know something about mobility yourself.

How do you want your employees to travel? Do you not care or do you want to direct them? Do you reimburse travel expenses or can they pay for everything themselves? And what about parking and working from home? The answers to these and other questions determine your mobility policy.

Cycling to work, always a positive business case. Because cycling to work means lower costs, less parking space, fitter and healthier employees and fewer emissions. What more could you ask for? All the more reason to start stimulating cycling.

Een gemeente die werkt aan haar fietsbeleid werkt aan bereikbaarheid, milieu, gezondheid en de economie. Nederlanders fietsen veel. Toch zijn er grote verschillen tussen gemeenten wat betreft fietsgebruik. Door middel van deze fietsversnelling speciaal voor gemeenten helpen we jouw gemeente aan een fietsbeleid dat past bij de bewoners en ambities.