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Bicycle Promotion

Of course you already knew that cycling contributes to better accessibility, CO2 reduction and vitality of people. But how to promote cycling in your city or municipality?

The way we get from a to b is changing rapidly. In almost every municipality, the bicycle is a fantastic alternative to the car and works well with public transport. Many municipalities are therefore investing heavily in cycling and walking, i.e. active and sustainable mobility.

Cycling in your community

A municipality that works on its cycling policy works on accessibility, the environment, health and the economy. The Dutch cycle a lot. Yet there are large differences between municipalities with respect to bicycle use: the percentage of bicycle trips varies from 3% to 53% (source:

And that is not without reason. Active and sustainable mobility plays a key role in the mobility transition. Cycling and walking in towns and villages make a positive contribution to accessibility, economy, health and well-being and an attractive living and business climate. Cycling in particular is a form of mobility that can be improved quickly. A well-considered and coherent bicycle policy will have positive effects on all kinds of policy areas. Virtually everyone has an interest in many people cycling.

In short, enough reason to shift cycling into a higher gear.

Bicycle Promotion

Laurens Boex

Laurens Boex


The bike as a tool

Municipal bicycle policy is not only about ‘hard’ issues like infrastructure, the colour of the asphalt, the network, routes, parking facilities and other facilities. Bicycle policy is also about ‘softer’ aspects such as behaviour (route choice, speed, safety) and target groups (types of cyclists, types of bicycles). And we have not even mentioned the relationship between the bicycle and the car, the relationship with public transport and parking policy. These, too, are aspects that overlap with cycling policy. There are still many opportunities here, and it appears that many municipalities can still improve the position of the bicycle.

Why the Bicycle Acceleration?

With our Bicycle Acceleration, every municipality can get started with cycling. We help you as a municipality to develop your own bicycle policy step by step – three gears – and at your own pace. A bicycle policy that fits the nature of the municipality and its inhabitants and the political ambitions and wishes.

Want to know, how we can help your city with bicycle promotion? Please feel free to contact Laurens via 

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