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Fiets tegen een nietje

“Do you want an exit ticket?” The receptionist asks as I hand in my access pass. She opens a drawer and grabs one.

“No thank you”, I say. “I’m on my bike. I put it in front of the entrance, because I was not allowed in the parking garage.”

“Oh, yes,” she closes the drawer again, “I just checked. Colleagues who come by bike simply put it on the sidewalk. Here at the front door. The municipality has deposited those staple racks. Quite handy.”

“Certainly,” I say. The cyclist in me is crying.

Staple racks on the sidewalk is not good office bicycle parking

Then what? Your bike will be dry and safe in a good bicycle shelter. A place where you can put your expensive e-bike down for a day without the mega-heavy chain locks around it. A place where you feel safe yourself. There are good racks in it. And there is a bicycle pump and a plug for that e-bike. But there’s more. I made a list.